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Another Frame Completed

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009
I love the colors on this Frame!

I love the colors on this Frame!


I just finished stitching the August Frame for the Collector’s Club and thought you would like to take a look. This was a fun piece to stitch and an interesting project as I wanted to try to make the backgrounds look like baskets to hold the apples. I was able to try a couple of threads I hadn’t used much and discovered that they may have to be called on more often.

The area in the center of the left side of the frame was the most fun to stitch. I used Frosty Rays for the gold and green and actually did an over/under weave in those areas. The red is Silk Lame’ Braid, my new favorite thread. If you haven’t tried this one you might want to choose it for the next project you do that needs a bit of glitz. Easy to stitch with and available for either 18m or 13m canvas.

Because these frames are designed for the Collector Club members, I chose not to stitch paint the apples but instead to basketweave them. I love playing with stitch painting but it is not the favorite of a lot of stitchers. I chose two colors for the apples but if I had it to do over again I would have expanded the shading opportunities by combining the two thread colors to add at least one additional shading option. When I kit this I’ll be sure there is enough thread for the stitcher to make that choice.

The green background in the two corners is stitched with one strand of Rainbow Twead from Rainbow Gallery. What a great thread! The combination of colors really does give a true tweed look that was perfect for the stitch I chose.

The best fun of all was the stems. Elizabeth Talledo and I were looking at the piece at Needlework Hideaway as I had tried a couple of techniques for the stems and wasn’t happy with either. Elizabeth suggested a detatched wrap around a base thread and that seemed to accomplish just what was needed, dimension that looked realistic.

The frames are designed by Pam Hill of Pamela Hill Designs. Some of you know Pam as she worked for me in 2002/2003 both in the shop and at South Central EGA Region Seminar in Oklahoma City. Pam uses strong colors and great combinations to accomplish the theme of each piece. In the case of the frames she leaves some geometric areas so stitches can be combined to accent the areas containing the motifs.

Stitching these frames has really expanded my stitch knowledge and my willingness to try different thread and stitch combinations to get the effect I’m looking for. I still have 6 more to do so follow along and I’ll post each as I get it stitched. Let me know what you think!