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What you can do with all these Threads!

Friday, June 24th, 2011

I wanted to share some pictures sent to me by a very creative customer. She stitches on cards and shares those cards with her friends and family, lucky them!

Card Embroidery 1

Each card is either her adaptation of an existing design or an original by her using all types of threads. They are lovely as they are, and would be great fun to stitch with threads like Rainbow Gallery, Caron Collection, ThreadworX or Kreinik to name a very few.

Card Embroidery 3

Don’t they just make your fingers itch for a needle?

This one is done with a lovely metallic. How elegant!

This one is done with a lovely metallic. How elegant!

When a new use of the threads comes along I can hardly wait to give it a try.

This one is done with Stem Stitch.

This one is done with Stem Stitch.

Ok, one more!

Look at that sparkle!

Look at that sparkle!

As amazing as these are, what if she added buttons or beads? For some a Just Another Button Company button would be perfect, for others Mill Hill’s Treasures would add sparkle and of course either Delicas or Seed Beads would be exciting!

So what are you working on now? Please share with the group what’s fun and exciting in your stitching life!



Stitching Groups

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Do you have a stitching group you meet with? Here’s a great article about a stitching group in Charlotte, North Caroline I thought you would enjoy!

We have a reasonably new group called “Outside the Box” meeting here at the shop the Third Saturday of each month. Any and all are welcome so if these projects catch your interest, plan to join us. The group is an off shoot of the Quilt Guild I belong to but it’s open to anyone who’s interested in exploring design and creativity.

Can you find my name in this piece?

Can you find my name in this piece?

Our first meeting we wrote our name on a piece of paper, folded it just below the name and copied it on the folded over space. Our challenge was then to create something from the resulting outline. After I filled in the blanks, I copied the outline over on a piece of muslin and painted it. This will be my cartoon for further development. At this point I’d like to create both a quilted piece and a canvas piece from this. Exploring ways to make that work will be a ton of fun!

Let me introduce you to Ms PataName!

Let me introduce you to Ms PataName!

Our second meeting we explored flower pounding, a perfect way to get out any built up frustrations. Everyone there created awesome pieces dyed with the stain of the flower or leaf they pounded. We’ll use the resulting pieces in future projects. Here are a couple of mine…

Here's what I was able to create using the Wisteria I showed you a few weeks back.

Here's what I was able to create using the Wisteria I showed you a few weeks back.

I think I’ll do some Stumpwork on this piece. Perhaps a few leaves and blossoms and a bumble bee!

Hibiscus pounded with a small head hammer.

Hibiscus pounded with a small head hammer.

Hibiscus is a really moist blossom so they transfer color beautifully. I really liked the effect of the small hammer marks on this one but I’m also going to do one with the large mallet to see the difference.

At our next meeting we’re going to play with stamping on fabric. Come join us! We meet here at the shop at noon for a sack lunch and then play until about 3pm.

After we collect a number of items we’ve created we’ll decide what project to use them on. Perhaps an embellished collage type piece, all original, all fun! On the machine or by hand we’ll add wonderful threads, beads, buttons, and attachments to enhance our designs. Gosh, I can’t wait!

Do you have a stitching group you meet with? Tell us about your group’s activities, who knows you might just inspire another group to get started stitching together.

Keep stitching,


April, 2011 Newsletter

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Another great Needlework Hideaway added wonderful memories of stitching and learning and sharing with incredible people in an incredible environment! The Red Apple was again fantastic, the food great, and the attention we got very satisfying. Thanks to everyone in this awesome group of stitchers for the fun surprise party! I’m delighted that I got to spend my birthday with all of you.

The online Needlework Show is upon us. See what’s new at the Needlework Show and mark your calendar for 2pm April 14th, the first day of the show and remember that the General Viewing pages are closed at midnight on Sunday, April 17th. Get your orders to me by Monday noon so I have time to get them together and posted to the designers. More information will be sent next week!

Are you watching the excitement building for the Royal Wedding? Take a look at what Gay Ann Rogers has designed for those who really want to celebrate this event:

Royal Monogram Geometric in a Custom Box

Royal Monogram Geometric in a Custom Box

Along with the box top you’ll find a selection of stitchers’ toys to fill the box when you visit Gay Ann’s site. Sign up for Gay Ann’s stitching group at the Shinning Needle Society Yahoo Group.

You’ll find the box here along with some of Mr D’s other boxes. Enjoy!

I’ve signed up for a service from Google that alerts me when new items about embroidery are posted online. I’ve been amazed at the incredible pieces posted recently.  Seems as though the fashion industry has again found embroidery and many of the lines are featuring it on their designs. Of course, we know that it’s not much of a stretch to create your own one-of-a-kind pieces with a needle and thread. I’m considering offering a clothing embellishment class. Please drop me a line if your interested!

The beading trunk show from Threaded Needle Designs is back here for a few weeks. Watch for the new designs I’ll get posted as Tracey kits them up. Designers in this trunk show are Deb Moffett-Hall, Chris Manes, Ann Paxton-Winebrenner, Amy Loh-Kupser, and of course Tracey Shultz of Threaded Needle Designs.  Don’t miss these while they’re here.

In the meantime watch for the Online Show and take some time from gardening to stitch!


Let me tell you about What’s Stitchin today!

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

This last week I’ve been working on the pieces for the Needlework Hideaway Class, “Explorations”, so I don’t have a lot to show you since that class is a mystery project. It is going to be fun though, I’m enjoying stitching the pieces and especially enjoying knowing that each student will finish with a totally different piece based on fun choices.

Saturday while the Saturday Stitchers were here I worked on the Blue and White Sampler for our guest room. This has been in the works a long time but I only work on it on Saturdays when I don’t have something else to work on or customers to help. This photo doesn’t show the colors as well as I’d like but you can probably imagine as it’s DMC 823 dark blue on White Cashel Linen from Zweigart. I’m really liking the way it looks and really liking that I’m more than half done now. Isn’t the border pretty?

Blue and White Sampler

At this site you’ll see an exhibit of Russian Embroidery. I enjoyed the explanations of the difference in techniques between the different regions of Russia. Click on through to the exhibit to read all about it. I got to see the tablecloth mentioned in this article at the meeting a couple weeks ago . WOW! It is awesome. The white on white was a perfect choice as it adds texture to the surface of the tablecloth without being obvious. Having signatures from family members who are no longer with her makes this an irreplaceable treasure.

Don’t know if I’ve shared this blog before but this lady is a prolific stitcher with a penchant for trying new things. I’ve enjoyed following her

Until next time, keep stitching.


A New Stitching Toy

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010
Isn't this a cute place to display your fine collectibles?

Isn't this a cute place to display your fine collectibles?

Look at this cute cabinet we found! We have 10 here in the shop so get yours while they’re still here. Perfect for your thimble collection or any of those wonderful must have pincushions, this cabinet would make a great gift for the young stitcher who is just beginning a collection.  I’m putting them on the website under Tools today so watch for that or call and put your name on one right away.


Stitcher’s Workshop June, 2010 Newsletter

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

A change in schedule you need to know about. We will NOT be closed in June after all. A medical issue with Mr. D changed our plans so we’ll be here all month. Come see us! June’s 15th Anniversary Celebration special is one thread of your choice (limit $3.75 in stock thread) with every $25 thread order you place this month. Use this opportunity to try a new thread or fill in your collection.


Get your pieces together for our annual Christmas in July Customer Gallery. You remember all the beautiful pieces we had here last year. Many of you have completed lovely pieces that will be perfect for this show. Please have your pieces here by June 30. We’ll get them on the site by end of day, July 6 for the voting to begin! Remember there are great prizes for everyone who enters and for those who receive the most customer votes. First, Second, and Third Place prizes will be awarded.


We will be closed for the 4th of July holiday July 1 thru July 5 as we have two new great-grandsons to visit over the holiday. Can’t wait!


We’ve completed a couple more of the Lizzie Kate Painted Canvases. You can see them here or on the blog. Also finished another of the Collector Club canvases. These are both fun clubs to offer and to collect. Sign up today and you’ll receive a new kit each month (or every other month if you prefer) and unlike those who signed up early you shouldn’t have to wait for me to catch up!


New to the site this month, the Soie ‘d alger Thread of the Month Club is a great way to get this beautiful thread coming your way. This silk floss has a wide range of colors and three or more shades in each c! olor so creating beautifully shaded projects is easy. I’m wanting to add to the blue and white theme in my guest room and a lovely pattern for a vase that I’m converting to Soie ‘d Alger will be the perfect addition. Give this great thread a try, sign up here.  While you’re there check out the other great threads in our Thread of the Month Club.


Create your own charts using alphabets at this site. Enjoy!


Rhonda is going back to school this fall and her time to work will be limited so if you think you’d enjoy playing with the threads, seeing all the new charts as they arrive, working with people who love needlework as much as you do, and just being out of the house, give me a call. We’re looking for someone who’s interested in part time work so if you’d like a few hours a week, this job’s for you.


Thanks to a customer for a link to this site where you’ll find color listings for lots of the more common threads. Use the lists to help organize your stash. Click on the link to “Creating Order Out of Chaos” for great hints to get organized.


I know many of you enjoy surface embroidery as much as I do. Here you will find some awesome inspiration and great information. Even if you’re not crazy about crazy quilts and surface embroidery the site has a great stitch dictionary so check it out! You know we have all the threads you’ll need to create your special design.





Meet a new Stitcher!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

We just got back from the EGA South Central Region mid-Year meeting in Dallas. Had a great time and saw many of you there. It’s always so much fun to catch up and to see people who love what you love, even if it’s only a couple of times a year.

Just before we left for the meeting a new customer came into the shop, a young mom, new to our community who loves to stitch! She was on a mission to create a gift for a special little guy and knew exactly what she wanted to accomplish, just wanted some ideas on how to go about it. Don’t you know I was delighted to work with her!

Here are a couple of photos of the completed projects she brought in the day after she was in for materials. She drew the cute sea creatures, embroidered them on muslin and using Blanket Stitch, appliqued them to the hoodie towels she had purchased at WalMart. Not only is her drawing and stitching incredible but her imagination and creativity left me in awe. How wonderful to know that young stitchers are coming up and will exhibit this kind of talent.

The model is her adorable young son who totally enjoyed the picture taking.

Aren't the octupus and whale cute?

Aren't the octopus and whale cute?


Of course not as cute as this little guy!

Of course not as cute as this little guy!