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April, 2011 Newsletter

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Another great Needlework Hideaway added wonderful memories of stitching and learning and sharing with incredible people in an incredible environment! The Red Apple was again fantastic, the food great, and the attention we got very satisfying. Thanks to everyone in this awesome group of stitchers for the fun surprise party! I’m delighted that I got to spend my birthday with all of you.

The online Needlework Show is upon us. See what’s new at the Needlework Show and mark your calendar for 2pm April 14th, the first day of the show and remember that the General Viewing pages are closed at midnight on Sunday, April 17th. Get your orders to me by Monday noon so I have time to get them together and posted to the designers. More information will be sent next week!

Are you watching the excitement building for the Royal Wedding? Take a look at what Gay Ann Rogers has designed for those who really want to celebrate this event:

Royal Monogram Geometric in a Custom Box

Royal Monogram Geometric in a Custom Box

Along with the box top you’ll find a selection of stitchers’ toys to fill the box when you visit Gay Ann’s site. Sign up for Gay Ann’s stitching group at the Shinning Needle Society Yahoo Group.

You’ll find the box here along with some of Mr D’s other boxes. Enjoy!

I’ve signed up for a service from Google that alerts me when new items about embroidery are posted online. I’ve been amazed at the incredible pieces posted recently.  Seems as though the fashion industry has again found embroidery and many of the lines are featuring it on their designs. Of course, we know that it’s not much of a stretch to create your own one-of-a-kind pieces with a needle and thread. I’m considering offering a clothing embellishment class. Please drop me a line if your interested!

The beading trunk show from Threaded Needle Designs is back here for a few weeks. Watch for the new designs I’ll get posted as Tracey kits them up. Designers in this trunk show are Deb Moffett-Hall, Chris Manes, Ann Paxton-Winebrenner, Amy Loh-Kupser, and of course Tracey Shultz of Threaded Needle Designs.  Don’t miss these while they’re here.

In the meantime watch for the Online Show and take some time from gardening to stitch!


March, 2011 Newsletter

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Luck ‘o the Irish is back! This year we’ll celebrate the 17th, 18th and 19th so make your list, place your order and we’ll have a customer in the shop pull your coin to discover the discount. Remember that discounts range from 15% to 50%  and last year an in-store customer pulled a 15% for herself and a 35% for the online order so come play with us, you may win big!

For those of you close enough to come visit, tea and scones, Celtic music and lots of great merchandise await you.  Everyone wins on this special weekend!

Even better, we have the Threaded Needle Designs trunk show here now. Tracey puts together kits for Ann Paxton, Deb Moffet-Hall, Chris Manes, and of course for Threaded Needle Designs. Lots of goodies in this show and several new kits and patterns. You’ll have to come see as I’ll be busy making scones and can’t be sure I’ll get all the new items on the website in time for the Luck ‘o the Irish! See what we already have online here.

As part of the Trunk Show we’ll be hosting an in-and-out class in beading. Just buy one of the kits, find a spot at the table, and we’ll help you get started learning the basics of beading! Price of the kit is cost of the class so you’ll never have a chance to learn that’s any less expensive than that! If you’ve looked at the beading things here in the shop and wished you knew how, take advantage of this great offer.

Needlework Hideaway is the 31st of March thru the 3rd of April so the shop will be closed March 31, April 1 and 2. I’ll be shipping all orders that come in during that time on April 4th.

A local customer is interested in setting up a Round Robin stitching group here in Union County area. If you want more information just call the shop or drop in and we’ll talk about it. A Round Robin is a fun way to meet new stitchers and receive a piece of needlework stitched by other stitchers to your specifications. You choose the theme and set the parameters, send off the piece and when you see it again it’s all stitched. You get to stitch on the pieces chosen by the others in your group so you have stitching opportunities different from what you might choose. I’ve participated in a couple of Round Robins in the past and had a great time with it. Call!

See you soon!

New Contest!

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

We have a number of new Bead kits and patterns on the way.  Below is a photo of one of the new items. The first person who posts a comment here with the correct name of the Designer of this piece and the url of the designer’s page on our site will receive the chart. Check out Stitcher’s Workshop now to see if you can determine which Bead Designer has created this piece. The piece is not there so you’re going to have to figure it out based on the style of the designer.

Important, you need to post the url from the page on our website in the comments section of this Blog to win!

We have a Winner!

Click on Comments to see all the entries and the winner.

Thanks for playing along…

Do you recognize the designer of this piece?

Do you recognize the designer of this piece?

Hurry, post your selection in the Comments section and win this great chart! I will notify the person who wins and then approve all the comments after we have a winner. Good Luck!

February 2010 Newsletter

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

You know I really enjoy typing the 2010, it’s fun to think of a new decade ahead of us, a clean slate we can use to write our life’s story. I hope yours includes lots of stitching!

Rhonda told me she wants to see the monthly special at the beginning of the newsletter in case she doesn’t have time to read it all so… All the month of February we will be holding the line on the price of our beading kits. Beads took a price increase beginning January 1 but we want you to have the opportunity to get the kits you’ve been wanting so now’s the time to order. Some beads increased as much as 20% so don’t delay, we will be changing the prices on March 1! Now, I hope you’ll take the time to read on because there are more fun things to follow!

How unbelievably terrible that the new decade began with the devastation in Haiti. You probably have already made donations to the relief effort but Stitcher’s Village has another fun way for you to participate. Click here and purchase Janie’s cute new design created to raise funds for one of the agencies working in Haiti, download the design and stitch it up for a reminder of how fortunate we are to not have to face this horror every day.

While you’re on the Stitcher’s Village page be sure to click on the Stitcher’s Voice and then on the latest edition to read the article about us. Participate in the contest and win the $100 gift certificate to the shop! Use it online or in the shop, or if you’ll be at either of the Region Seminars we are doing this year you can use it there. Want to know more about those Region Seminars? Call the shop and we’ll fill you in.

Another interesting place to visit is Kreinik’s page on Facebook. There you will find photos of stitched pieces using the Kreinik products, along with photos from TNNA Market in California and lots of great ideas to encourage you to stitch. Take a look and don’t forget to Friend us there. We’re under Patricia Ann Dugan. We are also on Twitter if you keep up with your friends that way. I post updates to the Blog and new products in both places so you can be the first to find out what’s going on if you follow us there.

Needlework Hideaway, Spring 2010 is just around the corner. We still have room for you so click here and sign up today. We have awesome goodies planned for the attendees this Spring and a new teacher, Debbie Gwaltney of  Starlight Designs offering a couple of great classes. As always, you are welcome to just come sit & stitch in the greatroom! This is a totally fun event, perfect for regrounding, and washing away the stresses in your life. I always leave feeling refreshed and ready. Come join us…

New products include The Sweetheart Tree automatic and the Lizzie Kate automatic. Just type New in the Search engine on the site to see all the new products that have arrived in the last couple of months. Just in today are samples of the new Zweigart Congress Cloth colors. I’ve put together a .pdf file of those colors that you can find and print on the Canvas page and I’ve also posted them on the Blog.

We have an upgraded system for composing the Newsletter this month. Our Webmaster warned that some of you may have problems receiving it because of your email provider so if you have problems just email and let me know, I’ll send a .pdf of the newsletter for you.

 Until next time, keep stitching,


Stitcher’s Workshop January Newsletter

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Hi all,

Start the New Year off right. Take a few minutes to play. This link was posted on one of the lists I read and it was so much fun I had to share! Enjoy…

As you know, we are celebrating our 15th year all of 2010 with different “Thank You” promotions every month. January is 15% off on everything in the Tools and Finishing Supplies section of the website and off all the tools in the shop. Need something you don’t see on the website? Call the shop, we may have it and just don’t have it online yet. Stock up this month with the supplies you use every day!

I was introduced to the Women of Hope Project by a fellow EGA member who’s husband had encountered the organization while in Afghanistan. The work this organization is doing makes a real difference in the lives of women who have had very little help or support. Take a look at what is happening at

We just loaded the Deb Moffett-Hall Birthstone Ornaments to the Bead page of the website. This is a great collector’s item so we’ve added a Birthstone Ornament Collector Club. Sign up and save while you collect the entire series. You can see them here .
Nothing is easier than our Collector Clubs. Just place your order and find a surprise package in your mail every month. We have collections in threads, needlepoint, cross stitch, and beading. Just type Collector Club in the search engine to see them all. If you would like to collect a thread we don’t show as a TOMC just let us know, we’ll set one up.

Don’t forget the January special, especially those of you who drive here together. Groups of five or more will receive a grab bag in addition to the “Thank You” special this month!

If you missed the announcement, we have all the Fern Ridge things on the site now. See them here and here and here. This is a really popular line, try a kit and you’ll see why!

A special thanks to those of you who joined us for the Christmas Party! Your generosity allowed us to take two big boxes of food to the Salvation Army Food Pantry. As it turned out we delivered the food the day they had distributed more than 800 food baskets so the extra items were really appreciated. You are all awesome!

I was going to tell you all about the new contest on  the Blog. In fact I said “Visit the Blog for another fun contest. Just click on Blog on the home page of the website to play and win.” However, I had a last minute customer (thank you!) last night and didn’t get this Newsletter sent before my meeting. More people than I realized are following the Blog because when I got back to this this morning I had two correct answers within 5 minutes of each other and in less than an hour after I loaded the contest! Don’t worry, I’ll do another and this time I’ll make sure the announcement goes out before the Blog is posted. But perhaps you need to get set up to get all the posts as soon as they’re loaded by clicking on the RSS Feed button on the right side of the Blog page. A good idea because we’ll be having contests for those who follow the Blog as well as for those who receive the Newsletter. Click on the icon on the right to get that done.

See you soon,