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Online Needlework Show!

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

The Online Needlework Show starts today! This is a virtual marketplace for shopowners but I always invite my customers to come in, take a look, and let me know what it is they find exciting. You’ll find big names like From Nancy’s Needle, DebBees Designs, Threaded Needle Designs, Fern Ridge, The Sweetheart Tree, Crossed Wing Collection, well over 100 top designers.


You can order anything you see on the show by dropping us an email at and we’ll get the items coming your way.  This is a fun way to experience the excitement of Market without the tired back and sore feet! Take a look…


Call the shop during regular shop hours with any questions you have but don’t delay because the show closes at Midnight on Sunday, Oct 24. Get your orders in by Monday morning.


Come visit the shop soon!

  Come visit the shop soon!

Update on Ornament Contest

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

I thought you’d like to see the quick design I put together witn EZ Grapher Stitch Wiz. Of course, this one is not eligible to win the threads <darn> but you get the idea. Design doesn’t have to be hard, just fun!

Kreinik Tree small jpeg
I used Silk Mori and #4 Braid for this design!

We just discovered that Kreinik is making this product available to support more than just the silk gauze that we told you about. Actually you can use it for any ground you want to stitch on so get out the Aida or Linen or Canvas and draw a 2-1/2″ circle. Stay inside that area and design an ornament. What could be easier and after all you might well win the Grand Prize. Remember it’s $100 in Kreinik threads.

Good Luck!


September 2010 Newsletter

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Lots to talk about this month! The kids are back in school and it’s time to stitch…


To get you started take a look at the next Blog entry, called Ornament Contest. I know it’s scary to think about designing a piece but this is a small ornament where you can play. Grab a piece of 14ct and start doodling. Use Kreinik threads and keep the design round or something that will fit in a round and have fun! I didn’t do the math in the contest announcement but on 14ct the piece needs to fit in a 5-1/4″ circle. Not a big piece but large enough to allow for some detail. Think Christmas with this one.  The best part of participating in this contest is that whether or not you win you can use your design as the entry fee for our 15th Anniversary Celebration. Well, maybe the best part is the $100 of Kreinik threads that’s the Grand Prize or the Gift Certificates to the shop?


Don’t forget that October 15th is the big day, lots of fun activities both in the shop and online and lots of great deals to be had. In order to receive the discounts we’ll offer we need you to send an ornament for the Salvation Army/SAAC Christmas Tree we’ll decorate this year. Get the ornament to us by the 14th so we have time to register it and you’ll be eligible for the discounts! A stitcher who is planning to participate was admiring Rhonda’s finishing techniques on an ornament and wished she knew how to do that kind of work so we’ll plan a finishing class for all the stitched ornaments we receive some time in early November so you’ll have plenty of time to finish yours for this Holiday season. Get stitchin on that ornament!


We found this site and thought it was interesting enough to share. I’m not a math expert and don’t totally understand what he’s talking about with the math part but I did like the stitched piece. This link offers more choices of pieces to create based on math principles. Enjoy!


Reminder, get your Fair entry in by Friday to be sure we can get it framed in time.  We’ve framed some beautiful pieces this summer so this year’s Fair exhibit should be awesome.


Recently we’ve had several customers request different Thread of the Month Club offerings. Take a look at what we offer and let us know what lines you would like to collect and we’ll add them to the list. Over the past couple of years the thread companies have had to increase prices. We’ve tried to hold the line on the prices of the TOMC but in January, 2011 we will have to change the individual collections to reflect the new pricing. The customers who are collecting a line will be able to complete that line at the price they signed on for, only new orders will be at the new price. That means that if you sign up now the entire line is available to you at this year’s price, a real savings over the life of the line! Sign up today and you’ll receive a fun suprise package the first part of each month. Available lines are in the Rainbow Gallery, Caron Collection, Au ver a Soie, brown paper packages, Gentle Art, Weeks Dye Works, ThreadworX, Trebizond, Accentuate, Soy Luster, Barouque Silk, and Bijou line. Plus you can request any other line we carry to build your collection, see them here.


Ok, have to get to the shop and get the next fun thing started but before I go I want to remind you about the Needlework Hideaway. This fall we’ll gather at the Red Apple Inn on November 4th thru the 7th for fun stitching, good company and great food! Still room for you so take a look and register today!


See you soon,



Ornament Contest!

Friday, August 27th, 2010


This is your opportunity to put your creativity to work and earn some great prizes at the same time!


Kreinik Manufacturing, the folks who bring you those wonderful metallic threads, silk Mori floss, needlework kits,  silk gauze and other great products is introducing a new product that combines the joy of stitching on silk gauze with the convenience of finishing included. To celebrate this new idea Stitcher’s Workshop and Kreinik have teamed up to bring you a challenge!


Design a piece (think ornament) that, when stitched on 40ct silk gauze, will fit in a 2″ round area. That would give you a stitch count 80 stitches high by 80 stitches wide on the diameter but remember that it’s round so don’t go 80×80! I would suggest you draw a circle on graph paper that is 80 threads  on the diameter and you’ll have the correct area to work with. You don’t need to stitch it on 40ct but the design must fit in the area if it was stitched on 40ct. The 2″ allows for sufficient border around the design so just make your piece fit within the 2″ circle.  I’ve loaded a .pdf of even weave graph paper to help you work this out.  Click here and then click on the counted ground paper link to download the .pdf


Don’t forget to include the great Kreinik threads in your design. Silk Mori and the finer metallics will be perfect for this piece! You’ll find those threads here.


Designs are due in to us by October 1, judging will be completed by October 10 with winners notified immediately so they have time to send the actual piece for presentation at our 15th Anniversary Celebration on the 15th of October. Pieces do not have to be stitched, we can judge from the chart but we will want a stitched piece by the 14th.  Submission may be in person or mailed, or as electronic .jpg files.  Judges are independent needlework professionals who are NOT employees of Kreinik Manufacturing or of Stitcher’s Workshop.


Now for the prizes! Grand Prize is $100.00 of Kreinik products. First Prize is $75.00 Gift Certificate, Second Prize is $50.00 Gift Certificate, and Third Prize is a $25.00 Gift Certificate to  Stitcher’s Workshop to be used in the shop or online.


Here’s the fine print. Winning entries become the property of Stitcher’s Workshop and will be charted and sold as patterns or kits by Stitcher’s Workshop with credit for the design to the designer.  Contestants agree to have their designs posted on the Stitcher’s Workshop Blog or the Kreinik Manufacturing’s Blog and elsewhere online or in traditional media for promotional purposes. Credit to the designer will always be given. Stitcher’s Workshop and Kreinik Manufacturing may, but are not obligated to, offer to purchase designs that are not prize winners for the purpose of charting and selling that design.


Ok, get started and have fun. Who knows, your piece may be the next new design featured with this fabulous new product! Call me if you have questions at 866-862-2239 .





July, 2010 Customer Gallery

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

The Customer Gallery is back at Stitcher’s Workshop. Nine beautiful pieces are competing for the $25, $15, $10 prizes this year, fewer in number, but not in quality than past years. We’re delighted with the items that are here.

Here's what you'll see in the shop!

Here's what you'll see in the shop!

Individual pieces are:

Piece #1  Queen of Freedom

Piece #1 Queen of Freedom by Mirabilia

Piece #2 Holly by Black Swan Designs

Piece #2 Holly by Black Swan Designs

Piece #3 Anna's Prayer by Heartstring Primitives

Piece #3 Anna's Prayer by Heartstring Primitives

Garden Cats by Dimensions

Piece #4 Garden Cats by Dimensions

Piece #5 Christmas for all Great and Small by Jim shore

Piece #5 Christmas for all Great and Small by Jim Shore

Piece #6 Isola Maggiore Crochet Doily on Box

Piece #6 Isola Maggiore Crochet Doily on Box

Piece #7 Rainforest Crunch by Needle Delights

Piece #7 Rainforest Crunch by Needle Delights

Piece #8 Original Design by stitcher

Piece #8 Original Design by Stitcher.

Piece #9 Hydrangea ~  Designer Unknown

Piece #9 Hydrangea ~ Designer Unknown

To vote just leave a comment here or fill out the contact form on the website. We’ll be voting online through August 15th so vote each time you visit!

Donation Quilt in Progress

Saturday, July 17th, 2010
Come put a few stitches on this lovely project!

Come add your stitches to this lovely project!

The Night Owls Quilt Guild here in Union County received twelve cross stitch blocks of the 12 Days of Christmas by Teresa Wentzler from the Loose Threads Chapter of EGA with the request that they be pieced into a quilt to benefit a charity supporting children.  The cross stitch blocks were stitched on 28ct Cream Cashel Linen from Zweigart with DMC floss.

Guild members assembled the quilt top, provided batting and have the quilt on a frame in the Class Room at the shop now being hand quilted. We’re using Bijoux in copper, red, and green for the quilting and find it is adding a subtle sparkle to a striking piece.

Once the quilt is finished it will be donated to Hope Landing for their annual fund drive. Tickets will be available from Hope Landing staff and the Night Owls Quilt Guild members as well as here at the shop. Hope Landing’s Mission Statement says: The mission of HOPE Landing is to bring hope and purpose to the lives of children with disabilities by helping them achieve their God-given potential. making them the perfect choice to receive the quilt!

Come try your hand at quilting and don’t forget to purchase tickets when they go on sale!

Stitcher’s Workshop June, 2010 Newsletter

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

A change in schedule you need to know about. We will NOT be closed in June after all. A medical issue with Mr. D changed our plans so we’ll be here all month. Come see us! June’s 15th Anniversary Celebration special is one thread of your choice (limit $3.75 in stock thread) with every $25 thread order you place this month. Use this opportunity to try a new thread or fill in your collection.


Get your pieces together for our annual Christmas in July Customer Gallery. You remember all the beautiful pieces we had here last year. Many of you have completed lovely pieces that will be perfect for this show. Please have your pieces here by June 30. We’ll get them on the site by end of day, July 6 for the voting to begin! Remember there are great prizes for everyone who enters and for those who receive the most customer votes. First, Second, and Third Place prizes will be awarded.


We will be closed for the 4th of July holiday July 1 thru July 5 as we have two new great-grandsons to visit over the holiday. Can’t wait!


We’ve completed a couple more of the Lizzie Kate Painted Canvases. You can see them here or on the blog. Also finished another of the Collector Club canvases. These are both fun clubs to offer and to collect. Sign up today and you’ll receive a new kit each month (or every other month if you prefer) and unlike those who signed up early you shouldn’t have to wait for me to catch up!


New to the site this month, the Soie ‘d alger Thread of the Month Club is a great way to get this beautiful thread coming your way. This silk floss has a wide range of colors and three or more shades in each c! olor so creating beautifully shaded projects is easy. I’m wanting to add to the blue and white theme in my guest room and a lovely pattern for a vase that I’m converting to Soie ‘d Alger will be the perfect addition. Give this great thread a try, sign up here.  While you’re there check out the other great threads in our Thread of the Month Club.


Create your own charts using alphabets at this site. Enjoy!


Rhonda is going back to school this fall and her time to work will be limited so if you think you’d enjoy playing with the threads, seeing all the new charts as they arrive, working with people who love needlework as much as you do, and just being out of the house, give me a call. We’re looking for someone who’s interested in part time work so if you’d like a few hours a week, this job’s for you.


Thanks to a customer for a link to this site where you’ll find color listings for lots of the more common threads. Use the lists to help organize your stash. Click on the link to “Creating Order Out of Chaos” for great hints to get organized.


I know many of you enjoy surface embroidery as much as I do. Here you will find some awesome inspiration and great information. Even if you’re not crazy about crazy quilts and surface embroidery the site has a great stitch dictionary so check it out! You know we have all the threads you’ll need to create your special design.





Stitcher’s Workshop April, 2010 Newsletter

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Ok, tomorrow is tax day, can’t get out of it so you might as well do something to release the stress of preparing all that information, filling out the forms and writing the check. April 15 is the opening day of the Online Needlework Show so Thursday morning click here and take a look at all the new stitching goodies. Shop the many designers and the tools and toys vendors, send us a list of your must have items and we’ll get them ordered for you while the show is still open. If you haven’t shopped this show before, go to the website and click on General Viewing. Be sure to write down the items you want along with the item numbers and vendor names because there are so many it’s easy to forget where you saw that special something. The show closes on Sunday night so get your information to us no later than Monday morning. Call or email if you have questions, we’ll be checking email frequently during the show to help you out.

More adventures on You Tube! Take a look at the incredible designs on this video at  YouTube  then enter FZKer8EQPsc  in the search window. This company has a website as well so enjoy!

I found this stitcher on the ANG list and thought you would enjoy seeing her work. You can follow her blog as she posts frequently and stitches super speed! I’ve been watching her for awhile and am blown away by how much she gets done…

The ThreadWorx Journal came in this morning. Wow! These people know how to do a newsletter… If you’re not subscribed you’ll want to go to ThreadWorx and click on the Join button in the upper right hand corner. This month they have included a pattern for a Hummingbird with an extensive stitch guide and a cute suggestion for mounting the finished piece. You d! on’t wan t to miss these freebies!

 If you haven’t seen this article yet you might find it interesting. As a shop owner I see this as another market so you might well see me at the local truck stop!

Until then, keep stitching!

February 2010 Newsletter

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

You know I really enjoy typing the 2010, it’s fun to think of a new decade ahead of us, a clean slate we can use to write our life’s story. I hope yours includes lots of stitching!

Rhonda told me she wants to see the monthly special at the beginning of the newsletter in case she doesn’t have time to read it all so… All the month of February we will be holding the line on the price of our beading kits. Beads took a price increase beginning January 1 but we want you to have the opportunity to get the kits you’ve been wanting so now’s the time to order. Some beads increased as much as 20% so don’t delay, we will be changing the prices on March 1! Now, I hope you’ll take the time to read on because there are more fun things to follow!

How unbelievably terrible that the new decade began with the devastation in Haiti. You probably have already made donations to the relief effort but Stitcher’s Village has another fun way for you to participate. Click here and purchase Janie’s cute new design created to raise funds for one of the agencies working in Haiti, download the design and stitch it up for a reminder of how fortunate we are to not have to face this horror every day.

While you’re on the Stitcher’s Village page be sure to click on the Stitcher’s Voice and then on the latest edition to read the article about us. Participate in the contest and win the $100 gift certificate to the shop! Use it online or in the shop, or if you’ll be at either of the Region Seminars we are doing this year you can use it there. Want to know more about those Region Seminars? Call the shop and we’ll fill you in.

Another interesting place to visit is Kreinik’s page on Facebook. There you will find photos of stitched pieces using the Kreinik products, along with photos from TNNA Market in California and lots of great ideas to encourage you to stitch. Take a look and don’t forget to Friend us there. We’re under Patricia Ann Dugan. We are also on Twitter if you keep up with your friends that way. I post updates to the Blog and new products in both places so you can be the first to find out what’s going on if you follow us there.

Needlework Hideaway, Spring 2010 is just around the corner. We still have room for you so click here and sign up today. We have awesome goodies planned for the attendees this Spring and a new teacher, Debbie Gwaltney of  Starlight Designs offering a couple of great classes. As always, you are welcome to just come sit & stitch in the greatroom! This is a totally fun event, perfect for regrounding, and washing away the stresses in your life. I always leave feeling refreshed and ready. Come join us…

New products include The Sweetheart Tree automatic and the Lizzie Kate automatic. Just type New in the Search engine on the site to see all the new products that have arrived in the last couple of months. Just in today are samples of the new Zweigart Congress Cloth colors. I’ve put together a .pdf file of those colors that you can find and print on the Canvas page and I’ve also posted them on the Blog.

We have an upgraded system for composing the Newsletter this month. Our Webmaster warned that some of you may have problems receiving it because of your email provider so if you have problems just email and let me know, I’ll send a .pdf of the newsletter for you.

 Until next time, keep stitching,


New Products

Monday, February 1st, 2010

The Sweetheart Tree automatic is on it’s way and we’ve posted the new designs on the site. This shipment has some really great designs, take a look here.

The Earth Laughs in Flowers.

The Earth Laughs in Flowers.