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New Contest!

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

We have a number of new Bead kits and patterns on the way.  Below is a photo of one of the new items. The first person who posts a comment here with the correct name of the Designer of this piece and the url of the designer’s page on our site will receive the chart. Check out Stitcher’s Workshop now to see if you can determine which Bead Designer has created this piece. The piece is not there so you’re going to have to figure it out based on the style of the designer.

Important, you need to post the url from the page on our website in the comments section of this Blog to win!

We have a Winner!

Click on Comments to see all the entries and the winner.

Thanks for playing along…

Do you recognize the designer of this piece?

Do you recognize the designer of this piece?

Hurry, post your selection in the Comments section and win this great chart! I will notify the person who wins and then approve all the comments after we have a winner. Good Luck!