June, 2011 Newsletter

Ok, the heat is on! We’ve been above 100° for the last couple of days! Glad to be inside with my stitching…

I found this site with lovely stitched covers of Vogue Magazine and thought you might enjoy a look.

Vogue Covers

New colors of Gentle Art threads are in. Take a look here. Did you realize that any thread we carry is eligible for the Thread of the Month Club. Have a thread you’d like to collect? Just send me an email or give us a call at the shop and we’ll put together a TOMC for that thread. See the TOMC here.

We had a month long Yard Sale here in May but there are still a number of items left.  If you go to the home page and search Yard Sale you’ll see what’s here. I’ll be continuing to add to the list over the next few months as we have some threads we’re closing out and some other great products we just don’t have room for. Come back often to see what’s been added to the Yard Sale list.

It’s time to start planning for Christmas in July, we’ll have some kind of fun going on each week in July.  Also, each year we host the Customer Gallery in July and that will continue this year. The rule is you can show any project you’ve stitched that hasn’t already been shown in one of our prior Customer Gallery events. We need the pieces here by June 28th to give us time to check them in and get them hung by July 1. Each piece will be photographed and displayed on the website as well as in the shop so that online customers and in the shop customers get a chance to vote on the piece they like best. Gift Certificates will be given for First, Second, and Third place winners. Get your pieces in so you can have a chance to win!

Check out the Home Page for June’s monthly special and watch the Blog in the next couple of weeks. We have a customer who’s doing some really interesting work with specialty threads you’ll enjoy seeing and the Outside the Box group that meets here the 3rd Saturday of the month is doing some really fun things and I’ll take photos and share real soon.

New Classes are in the works, watch for an announcement when they are on the site!

See you soon,


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